East Ocean Restaurant for Yum Cha

Pretty relaxing today, as it wasn’t as fully-packed as it’s usual busy weekends; we were at our table for at least 3 hours! Enjoying lots of food, lots of chit chat, and, of course, lots of tea and photo-taking! lol…

So, we were at one of my favourite Yum Cha places in New South Wales.

East Ocean Restaurant – Sussex St., Haymarket, NSW 2000.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao served with finely-julienned young ginger in black vinegar

Too hungry to wait for the rest of the clan, my mate and I just had to start ordering food and fill up the whole table. So, we started with some xiao long bao, a personal favourite of mine, tho’, not at yum cha places because they don’t always serve good xiao long bao.

Verdict: today’s xiao long bao was pretty good. I had to say, I was amazed and I liked it! Had a smile on my face. Warm, juicy and tender pork filling, with a hint of ginger and vinegar..mMMm…yum~!

Top: Polo Bun; Middle: Tau Fu Fa; Bottom: Custard-filled Deep-fried Sesame Ball

mMmm… Tau Foo Fa is definitely a favourite! One shouldn’t start with sweet dessert, you say? Well, I think it was a pretty good move to have warm and not-too-sweet Tau Foo Fa to start the day. Verdict from a mate: a little bit of disappointment with the Tau Foo Fa today – it was like eating silken tofu out of the box from Oriental supermarkets, with the aftertaste of the hm..how do you say this.. water left in the tofu box. But still, I think it was a good start, ‘cos I didn’t taste it and actually, finished my portion!

Top: Deep-fried scallop-filled dumpling; Middle: Deep-fried Taro Dumpling; Bottom: Prawn-filled pastry

mMm~! Taro dumpling is definitely one of my favourites!! I like the flaky crunchy coat, and the soft and warm center. I’ll always order for at least a plate; for me to eat, at least! The scallop dumpling served with mayonaisse was a mouth-watering choice. The prawn-filled pastry was nice, too, with its crunchy pastry and the nice aroma of toasted sesame seeds. Eagerly taking photos, and nodding to all the waitresses with their little carts, more and more food poured onto our table.

Left: BBQ Pork (Char Siew) Bun; Right: Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Top: Prawn Dumpling (Har Gow); Bottom: Siew Mai

Definitely must-haves in all yum cha sessions. Extremely popular. Can be eaten on its own or with chilli sauce or sweet hoisin sauce, or, my way of eating it, dipped with chilli sauce on one side and sweet hoisin sauce on the other side, and then take a bite. Yum…~!

Spinach Dumpling

Deep-fried Vegetarian Roll

With limited vegetarian choices, this is a pretty nice one. I’ve always enjoyed this vegetarian roll. Verdict: Thumbs up!

Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo!! My all-time favourite!! Definitely doesn’t beat mom’s home-made (and with lots of variety) yong tau foo, but, what can I do when I myself can’t make nice ones, nor do I have the patience to make it for myself. We ordered both the tofu and eggplant variety served here. Verdict: Not too bad. Worth a try!

Top: Prawn Rice Noodle Roll; Bottom: BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Roll served with sesame oil and soy sauce

Well, if you crave for some silky smooth rice noodle roll filled with BBQ Pork pieces/fresh prawns, this is what you should order. Love the texture and how it just smoothly slides down the throat. Can even be slurped! Verdict: Nice! One of the must-haves in yum cha.

Egg Tarts

Definitely another must-have in yum cha sessions.  mMMm… love the egg custard. Warm. The pastry – flaky. Not too sweet. Nice.

Braised Chicken Feet

Not a favourite for most people, but, for most Chinese, it’s almost a must-have! I like chewing on one of these. It’s pretty unpopular on our table today. So unpopular that I actually had two! Not that I mind, but, it’s just a rarity for that to happen. Well, it was pretty tender today, not too bad. Flavour-wise, perhaps could have been braised a while longer.

Deep-fried Salt ‘n Pepper Calamari Tentacles with Chlli

One of my favourite in yum cha sessions. Nice to snack on when I get a bit hungry after all the photo-taking and chit-chatting. It is a bit too salty, sometimes. Today, the ‘crumb’ was a bit different. But, I still like it. Pretty fresh calamari.

After all these ‘main’ dishes, we did get more of the Silken Tofu Dessert (Tau Foo Fa), had lots of tea, and continued with chit-chatting and photo-taking; not of food, tho’, am giving them a bit of rest! Will definitely be back here for more yum cha sessions, and order some of the dishes that we’ve missed today!! All in all, it was a happy and nice day. I’m happy. We’re happy. It is the happy moment that’s important. Thank you, my dear friends, for today. Sadhu.

I rate this place 8/10.

Am happy with the yum cha spread and the food, but, there would be dim sum that I’d order, but at another restaurant, where they have other dim sum varieties not available here.


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  1. Wilson
    Jan 18, 2009 @ 16:40:11

    So Pro de ah..u doing for food mag ah?lol…makes me miss syd ah!!!V nice..keep it up..


  2. Tina
    Jan 08, 2009 @ 13:46:03

    wow…Food Critic website. So VC! Looking fwd to more of your writings! 🙂


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