Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel

11 Jalan Sultan Ismail

50250 Kuala Lumpur

T: (60 3) 2032 2388

W: http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/kualalumpur/shangrila

It was supposed to be a birthday surprise – gathering dinner get together. We pondered between Jogoya (hot choice) and Tenji. Some of us decided to go to Tenji ‘cos the rest of us had never been there; we’ve been to Jogoya. It was a tough choice because most of my friends work in KL, and Tenji’s in Mont Kiara. In the end, we settled on Lemon Garden Café in Shangri-La Hotel; we wanted a buffet. Feeling hungry at that moment, I thought that I’d be able to clean up 8 to 10 plates of food, easy.

I was browsing through the buffet spread (definitely not as infinite as in Jogoya, but the cuisine’s different, anyway), when these giant oysters caught my eye. That’s it, they’re gonna be on my 1st plate of food. The giant oysters were from Canada (I wonder how many days it’s been in the ice box/fridge?). Nevertheless, I wanted some oysters and so I picked two up, along with some mussels. The oysters were pretty good, but I was eating like a hamster with its mouth hoarded full of food! The mussels were a bit overcooked for my liking though.

The Appetizer plate: mussels and gigantic fresh oysters

I was eye-ing the soup in the Chinese section, but I’m not sure if I want to go for the hot foods or the cold foods and then slowly working up to the hot foods. I went for the latter. So I went to the Japanese section, which was just next to the oyster bar. Goodness me, I’ve never seen such small sushi! They looked so cute like the Japanese sushi key chains people buy as souvenirs from Japan!! Kawaii~! But, I suppose it’s a good size because I would like to try other food. So, they made to my 2nd plate.

The Japanese plate: selection of sushi and some sashimi

After finishing the sushi, I wasn’t really impressed with the range of food trying to tempt us; the dessert section was really tempting, with the chocolate fondue, pretty colours and all. I almost couldn’t find what I wanted to eat, but let’s give the Italian section a try anyway. So, my 3rd plate consist of: 2 slices of pizzas, some asparagus, and a small piece of garlic crustino. They do look pretty, but I wasn’t really impressed at all. No way.

The Italian plate: thin crusted pizzas

After my 3rd plate, I really didn’t know what else to eat. Should I go back for more oysters, or is it time to go for some hot foods? Well then, maybe I’ll get some salad going around while thinking of what I should eat next. Picking up salad leaves and vegetables from here n there, bocconcini cheese stolen from the salad bowl, dressing from here and there, and one missing ingredient: peach/nectarine. None. Well, maybe these jambu air will do. Turns out, it was great – loved the jambu: fresh, crunchy, sweet, and juicy~!

Crunchy & Juicy Salad for the table

Ah, I’m filling up by now. What should my 4th plate be? Roasts, for sure! Trying to save room for dessert, I had only a slice of the roast beef with some mustard, tandoori chicken with some minty yoghurt, and roast lamb with some mint sauce. I liked it all. I’m so glad it wasn’t disappointing. I would go back for more, but I really need to save some space (because we’re going to cut a cake later, after desserts).

The Meat Platter: roast beef, tandoori chicken, roast lamb

And, since it’s the Chinese New Year period, and because they have the ingredients in the buffet, let’s have some yee sang for some low hei! The photo below shows how it looked like before the tossing, and the mixing, and the tossing.

Salmon & Abalone Yee Sang

So, we gathered all our chopsticks (they’re red!) and started our low hei as softly as we can and as gentle as we can, because we didn’t want to be chased out of the restaurant.

The before and after shots of a low hei activity. It was actually pretty tasty!

Alright, it’s time for desserts and stare at the beautiful spread at the dessert section. There were plenty of beautiful cakes – chocolate, sponge, fruity – and local delights, and of course, the chocolate fountain!! The large strawberries were gone by the time we got to the fountain. But, I think we all had a go at coating fruits with chocolate and eat it. My creations were too messy to be posted up here, so it’s just being stored in my hard disk.

Although pretty, I find them all too sweet to finish. But, I liked the little square kuih tako very much. Well, that’s it for the night’s dinner. I think we all left the restaurant feeling full in tummies but kinda empty in the wallets (even with 20% discount). Anyway, it’s time to go for the ‘surprise’ party where we’ll have some nice alcohol-removed Shiraz and nice fluffy coffee cake.

I rate this place: 7/10

Am not too impressed with the buffet spread and the food could have been of a higher standard for this luxury hotel.


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  1. phramick
    Feb 26, 2010 @ 12:47:33


    Nice to see you on Preceptless Monk blog… now I’m just returning the flavor!

    How are you Vicky?


    • strangella
      Feb 28, 2010 @ 01:31:17

      Hi Phra Mick!!

      Thanks for returning the favour. I hope that I can play this game well.


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