Caught: Random Breath Test


One of the most feared things you’d want to see while driving; especially if you’ve got a tub of delicious gelato waiting to melt in the backseat, have food that is getting cold to be delivered, and worst of all, purse in the handbag at the backseat or in the boot. When I first got my car, I was always excited when I see the flashes of blue and red; I’d drive slower and wish that they’d stop me. The first time they stopped me, I realised that I didn’t know what to do, or where to go, so I drove straight into the direction of the police officer; he must have thought that I’d try to escape. When asked to count to 10, I actually thought I had to take a deep breath and blow for 10 counts! A few more times later, I got tired of being stopped for RBTs. Sometimes I can avoid it, sometimes I can’t; and just because thinking that I don’t drink and I’d never have a drink-driving offence doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t respect what they’re doing and don’t give a damn.

A wake up call soon came. I was going out one day, and as usual, I was a bit running behind time, so I thought I’d drive faster than the speed limit – I know where the cameras are, anyway. Suddenly, a car from the opposite lane flashes her headlights. Not once, but twice. Ah, is there an RBT going on? Or speed cameras? A few minutes later, the flashes of blue and red. Eeek..RBT? Now, at 10 am? I crossed my fingers and hoped that I won’t be stopped. I don’t have time for this, I have food to deliver, and I’m running late!

Possibly because I have a black car that I was stopped. Great, I thought. So, like what I always do, I just count slowly and gave the I-don’t-care attitude. The police officer walked away, and I thought, hang on, that’s strange because usually, they’d ask for the driver’s license, which I was preparing to take out. Well, who cares? It’s early in the morning and there’re cars in front of me, so I’ll just wait. The police officer came back and asked if I’ve had any alcohol that morning. “No”. Last night? “No”. I thought these questions were usually asked before the counting? He then took a little while plastic tube and attached it to the hand-held computer. Alright, he said, the machine gave a warning that I’d had some alcohol. With my mind racing with thoughts and digesting what he’d just said, all I could say was nothing, but with a big “What?!” look on my face. And before I knew it, I blurted, “I just brushed my teeth”, which was what I had just done before getting my car. It seemed so rational for me to say it; which I later realised that it’s not helping my case at all. It also sounded retarded. Anyway, the police officer said something which sounded to me like he understood what I was trying to say, “Yes, ma’am. Some mouthwashes have alcohol in them”. So, I took a deep breath and blew into the tube, wishing that it’d prove me innocent and set me free, and not bring me to the police station. I’m running late!


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