Verona Part I – Osteria Sottoriva

Osteria Sottoriva – 9, Via Sottoriva, 37121 Verona, Italia.

Verona – the city of Romeo & Juliet…(that topic shall be covered in the next cover of Verona).

After a little evening tour of discovery around the city, hunger pang hit us. So, off we went in search of good food.

Osteria Sottoriva is a resto that the locals would go to, and probably unknown to tourists. I wouldn’t have found this place if my local guide and friend didn’t bring me there. This resto serves no frills local regional food. So regional that they don’t even have coffee nor soft drinks; although we did have coffee, but in a totally different form.

The menu’s pretty limited, so we couldn’t order for pasta, specifically, tagliatelle, something a friend of mine had been craving for. Anyhow, here’s a glimpse of the menu.

Osteria Sottoriva Menu

We ordered for some croquettes just for nibbles as we were getting hungry. We also ordered for the lasagna, insalata, salumi misti, and the tagliata di cavallo. I must say, I couldn’t take a photo of everything that I’ve tried, as I was, with a local who frequents this resto and the image of me snapping away photos of food spoils his image~!

Croquettes in Osteria Sottoriva

Croquettes. Verdict: 7/10. Served at room temperature, these croquettes weren’t as crunchy and sizzling hot as how I would have imagined it to be. Fun fact: one of the croquette has horse meat in it.

Horse Meat Salad at Osteria Sottoriva, with Lasagna in the background, on the top left

Tagliata di Cavallo . Verdict: 8/10. Horse meat salad. Yup, it’s totally a very local thing to do, eating horse meat. In fact, I’ve tried horse meat prosciutto, first time in my life, right here in Verona. It tastes good, not overcooked nor chewy, and went well with the salad, but still a bit too exotic for me. Lasagna. It was a pretty good lasagna, although not too big a piece.

Salumi misti. Verdict: 8/10. A few different types of cold cuts, or, delicatessen. There were, of course, prosciutto: crudo and cotto. It was yum~! Never have I ever had this much of cured meat like here in Verona. Needless to say, I had it again the next day for two meals and again the day after that, before I left. I was prosciutto-laden by the time I left Verona; I was a heavenly pig! I can still remember the flavour and texture of the prosciuttos that I’ve had. Yum yum~

The coffee: It came not in a ceramic cup, but in a little mini pot-like structure made out of dark chocolate, filled with coffee mousse, and topped with a little coffee bean. Verdict: 10/10. It’s something totally awesome that just disappears in a single mouthful that will leave one longing for more.

I rate Osteria Sottoriva 8.5/10.

It made me want to go back for more, which I almost did the next day for lunch, if I wasn’t invited to my friend’s place for lunch; I was practically right outside the resto, literally, with saliva drooling out of the corner of my mouth.

After all the food that was consumed, we took a little stroll along the river just a few steps away, crossed Ponte Pietra, to Teatro Romano, then all the way to Castel San Pietro.

The view from one side of the Ponte Pietra

The view from the other side of Ponte Pietra

It was exhaustive, and none of us brought water! One good thing about this city is that drinkable, free and clean water coming out of taps could be within walking distance from where one is. We had a little bit of sip at the Castel San Pietro, and again somewhere on the way back to my friend’s place, where we saw these cute cars (ref: pic below).

The two cute cars somewhere in Verona. One's the older version and one's the modern version


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