Driving in the Rain..not Singing

It was the scariest drive ever. There we were, on the highway; the one famed for plenty of accidents in M’sia. Perhaps due to its length or its road conditions. Anyway, there we were, the 5 of us, in the car; three were sleeping in the back seats, and two were in the front wide awake.

We were just heading back to Kuala Lumpur from Ipoh, having eaten to our fullest capacity the whole day. The last leg of the trip to a hot spring was canceled as we wanted to have dinner back in KL.

The sky began to darken, and the thick grey clouds which could have been forming drastically quick for the past 30 mins began to loom in front of us. We knew we’re in for the big one as the road on the other side is wet when on our side is pretty much very dry. True enough, in just a few minutes, we entered the zone of heavy, pouring rain. It was as though we’ve been covered by a blanket of rain. Lights were turned on, the wipers’ on their highest speed, and driving at 50km/h in the almost-impossible-to-see weather. Of course I was nervous. In front of me, I can see only two faint red lights and only the nearest two road line markings. Behind me, a pair of fog lights, which could belong to a small car. On my right rear-view mirror, I see pairs of lights coming closer and then disappear. What I fear most are them and the cars from the opposite direction. After all, we’re all in a danger zone and accident(s) can happen at any time.

That went on for a good 30 mins. My eyes grew tired from all the focus. My muscles were all tensed up. From moment to moment, I did tell myself to relax, breathe, and be alert. Everything’s going to be OK. This too shall pass. I’m not alone. It’s bad as it is here with this weather in the middle of “nowhere” – well, I can’t see what’s around us, and the gps won’t work, so I can’t just panic and freak out.

The challenging part was, after the skies cleared up a little bit, the car in front of me left. The “new” car in front me now was an old van with almost non-working lights! I knew I’m in for it now, when the rain started pouring again as a new velvet blanket. All I see in front of me this time is a grey square figure in front me. It was hard for me to gauge where it is, and I know I know is that I should keep a distance from this grey thing, be on a lookout for its pale pink tiny dots of lights, watch out closely at the road line markings, and be grateful that at least, if and when I cannot see anyone else on the road, I still have my faithful follower behind me. The two fog lights. I always find some sort of comfort and relief knowing that it was still there.

Another 30 mins later, thank goodness, the rain finally decided to subside. The skies began to clear, and there was sunshine! Being in that darkness in that condition for that long, I forgot that there’s daylight for at least 2 more hours. I was grateful and thankful that we were all safe.

It had been an incredible journey, our one-day trip..at least for me.


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