Wong Kee: Roast Pork (Siu Yuk)

Restoran Wong Kee – Corner shop at Jalan Brunei Selatan

Famed for its roast pork, it is definitely a must-go for roast pork lovers. It was a day full of traffic in KL city. However, hunger and craving for good food cannot deter any roast pork lovers from driving in the jam-packed city, and escape into this quiet street in the Pudu area, just for Wong Kee. Well, it was 2pm, so maybe everyone’s left to shop in KL, hence the quietness here. But I believe that during peak lunch hours, it’ll be very difficult to find a decent parking.

‘Twas the first time for me to eat there. Don’t know what to expect, but just know that it’s supposed to be good, as a good friend of mine recommended that place. The order had been placed: siu yuk (roast pork) and siu kai (roast chicken). mMmm…can’t wait!

When the dishes came, all I can think of was, “Wah…~”

The roast pork was really good – the crackling was really crackling and the meat melts in the mouth, perhaps due to the generous amount of fats that surrounds the meat. The roast chicken was not too bad. Love the chili condiment. Definitely a place to go for pork lovers, especially roast pork lovers.

Verdict: 8.5/10. It’s really pricey! Well, for a local kopitam style kind of food at least. Not a good-for-the-heart kind of food either, but Wong Kee siu yuk is yummy.


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