A Hole in Her Gum

It was a fine day in January when I felt a pain in my lower gum. That was beginning to spoil my mood for shopping; Chinese New Year’s next week, and I’ve barely bought any new clothes, not to mention red.

It wasn’t stabbing pain, but dull, throbbing, and annoying kind of pain. It was swollen a little bit, so guess what I had for lunch!? Ignoring the pain, and dismissing it as just temporary, I had a bowl of udon assam laksa; it was pretty good for a fast food kiosk! It was rich, sour, spicy and hot all at once. It was awesome!

I tried to continue shopping. Am sure that the thought and act of shopping would bring the pain away, or at least, let me forget the pain. After a few tops, pair of pants, and a pair of high heels, I begin to feel the pain again. Oh noOo.. This is getting pretty unpleasant. So, off I went to get myself a tall green tea frappe from Starbucks. I’m sure the icy cold drink will soothe the pain..

It did, for like 5 mins! Finally, I gave in and left the shopping complex. Tomorrow, I’m going to make an appointment with a dentist. The thought of that sent shivers down my spine. So, tomorrow’s the day, where I’ll have to visit a dentist and have my tooth pulled out. Eek! All the horror stories that I’ve heard flashed through my mind. Of course, I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. Partly from the pain, and partly from the horrible stories.

Well, that was last week. Escaped from having it pulled out; dentist prescribed me with some antibiotics and painkillers for the infection. I did have it pulled out today. I can tell you that I didn’t march into the clinic with my head held high and full of poise. I was indeed nervous. I even told the doc that. I hadn’t had much to eat that morning either.

But, the dentist was kind enough to be patient with me; I’m the kind who’d freak out at a touch of pain. A gel-like raspberry-flavored local anesthetic, and another 4 jabs of local anesthetics was all it took to have me calmed down, with guarantee that I’d probably not feel a thing during the extraction. True to his words, I didn’t realise that it was out!

Thank goodness for all the Vitamin C that I’ve been taking and green leafy vegetables, I went out of the clinic without stitches and without cotton gauze sticking out of my mouth. I couldn’t really feel my mouth ‘cos it’s still numb. Ha ha..

After gulping down a painkiller, I went home, n managed to gobble down a bowl of wonton noodles! Too hungry…it’s lunchtime anyway.

So all in all, it was an OK wisdom-tooth-extraction experience. Not sure how I’d feel about wisdom tooth surgery though…


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