Klutzy Driver

Driving in M’sia, is definitely not an easy task. If anything, it is an arduous challenge. Especially, if the driver is me. I’ve only started driving seriously for 2 months, and yet, every week, I’m “learning” something new.

1. Today, a signboard pointed a left exit to where I wanted to go, and so, upon seeing a left exit, I took the turn. Guess what?! I drove right into a petrol station! Who could have seen the petrol station there when it was blocked by trees and stuff?

2. Usually, when one hears the siren from the ambulance, one would keep to the left. But, what I saw today was, if you’re on the left lane, keep to the left, and if you’re on the right lane, keep to the right. And then, people behind, buckle up and follow right behind the ambulance, forming 3 lanes in a 2-lane jammed up road.

3. I guess that practice actually comes with practise. Sometimes, in order to avoid getting late for the meetings, or perhaps something was really urgent, VIPs would ask the “help” of the police force to clear the road so that they can just whizz past. The first time it happened to me, while I was driving on the jammed up fast lane, my thoughts were, “Oh no, is he stopping me for something? Why is he waving his arm at me with his sirens wailing so loudly? What is he trying to say?” I think that the policeman must have thought that I’m crazy for driving in the middle of the lane, when he actually wanted me to move, and he waved his arm harder, and said something to me. I was still confused! Say something!! I can’t hear you!! Give me a sign!! Then, I saw the cars in front me keeping to the right, and the ones in the lane next to me keeping to their left. Ok, I thought. I’ll just keep it to the right. Then I saw more police bikes and some cars zoom right past.

Sigh.. I wonder if I’d ever overcome this klutziness!


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