Driving Desperation

It had been a fine, lazy public holiday evening when an emergency situation happened. I had to drive to the hospital, and this was what happened.

I realised that I didn’t know how to drive in an emergency situation – should I drive as fast as I can? Should I start honking? Do I turn on the hazard lights? Do I do all three?

I tried to drive as fast as I could, but living in a town with many traffic lights and crazy drivers, it didn’t help – I could have created more emergency situations on the road. I turned on the hazard lights, but then, other drivers wouldn’t know when I’m making a turn. I didn’t start honking, ‘cos it would’ve been weird.

When the casualty in my car fainted, and I was stuck at the traffic lights, I wished that I could have blared some sort of siren. How am I supposed to communicate with the other drivers/cars?

Do I shout, “Hey! Could you like, let me thru’? It’s an emergency!”; “Make way!” – yah, as if anyone would hear me. At that time of desperation, I really wanted to install one of those sirens in the car.

Speeding down the road just wouldn’t help ‘cos they wouldn’t care, they’d speed right back at ya.
The stupidest that could have happened was when I had to make a right from the road into the hospital junction. Ok, I flashed my high beams, and the cars stopped to let me pass. Then, there had to be this ignorant motorcyclist who’d just come by from the side and gracefully trot in front of my vehicle – yes, emergency brake in an emergency.

So, fellow drivers of vehicles on the road… just be more alert and smart when you’re near hospitals, and sometimes, people drive like crazy because there’s a good reason for it, not just fooling around.

p/s: I really did wish that I have a siren like the ambo – it really was an emergency situation.


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