Clementine: Why We Should Cry

Fifteen years ago, at a tender age of thirteen, Clementine wouldn’t have cried at her grandmother’s funeral, for she had understood that crying wouldn’t bring granny back to life. Looking at her granny lying peacefully in the casket, she contemplated on life, but forced herself to shed some tears and cry, just to “blend in” and escape from those awful evil glares from her relatives; who were accusing her of not loving her granny (just because she wasn’t crying).

Fending off feelings that ever came close to crying was a norm. “Tough” was the shield she had built in and around her. An independent woman who could handle anything and everything, without any sign of weakness.

Little did she know that fifteen years later, she would meet a person who could make her cry, for it was only logical to cry.

In Clementine’s case, bursting into tears wasn’t a sign of weakness. It wasn’t a sign of being emotional or vulnerable. It was like peeling the layers of an enormous prize-winning onion, very slowly, by hand, one layer at a time; and each time she was doing that, she was, in fact, removing the thick layers of obscuration that she had built up around her.

As time passes and as she starts to open up her heart and her mind, Clementine started to see the true nature of herself. She sees her defensive shield crumble on the inside, and on the outside; only to find that she has a deeply-rooted feeling of goodness, compassion and love.


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