Noor AlSham Restaurant

Address: 62-G, Biz Avenue 2, NeoCyber, Lingkaran Cyberpoint Barat, 63000 Cyberjaya

For reservations, please call: Tel: +603 8320 2000.


So, I heard about this awesome restaurant called Noor Alsham that serves amazing Syrian food. I went there during the Ramadan and had a hearty meal – it was more than enough to make my tummy happy. The rice with gravy was so good I lapped it all up even after finishing the plate of mixed pastries, mini shawarma, and some vegetables. The desserts were a little too sweet for me, but overall, I’d give what I’ve eaten 9/10.

noor alsham ramadan spread,jpg

Ramadan buffet spread

What I had was so good I had to go back for more – which I did! It’s pretty much Syrian cuisine, therefore, do not expect foods like kabsa or mandi to be served here.

For entrée, we ordered kubbeh, drizzled with pomegranate sauce.  Tough and crunchy on the outside, warm and soft filling of minced beef on the inside, with some sweetness from the pomegranate sauce, it’s a good appetiser to start with.

noor alsham kubbeh


To fill our hungry stomachs, we ordered shawarma, shish tawook and lamb cubes. We loved all of them: 9/10. (Honestly, I’d give the lamb 10/10 ‘cos I really really loved it! A must have for lamb lovers)

noor alsham shawarma


noor alsham shish tawook

shish tawook


noor alsham lamb cubes

lamb cubes

noor alsham fatoush


Before we finished off with the mains, we had some salad to share. Fatoush is always one of my favourites as I love that crunchy cracker-like thing; made out of bread. 10/10. After all that, we ended with some sweet delights; we were served some samples from the many. When you visit, you’ll know what I’m talking about – it’s plentiful to choose from and mountainful for you to enjoy. My personal favourite is the ring-like ones with half a pistachio stuck on it. 10/10.

noor alsham sweetsNoor Alsham, I’ll be back for more! 🙂


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