One-day Trip: Kuala Selangor

Miraculously, before this, I’ve never been to Kuala Selangor. Might have heard about it, but never stepped foot in this part of Selangor, having grown up in this very state itself!

The drive, other than being lost in the KL area for quite a bit, was quite pleasant; I went on the Jln. Kuala Selangor route which might have taken me a longer time to get there, but the view was better, I reckon. There were hills with little green oil palm trees lined in neat rows, and the sky that day was awesome; clear blue sky with some white cotton clouds. The bridge was another one of the amazing moments driving into the area; the fishing village on the left, the never-ending green banks on the right.

Pasir Penambang was of course, the first stop, as the norm for tourists visiting Kuala Selangor. Not feeling hungry, we walked around that area just to have a look at the local shops and homes of the villagers.

Shack in Kuala Selangor

Just off Pasir Penambang, through a small lane, are rows of restaurants, frequented by the locals. We went to Restoran Kuan Hwa, which was prominent with its huge green signboard. A friend who grew up here said that it’s quite a popular eating place with the locals, so we gave it a try.

View of Restoran Kuan Hwa Restaurant, Kuala Selangor

La La Jian, Restoran Kuan Hwa, Kuala Selangor

One of the most aromatic La La Jian! I just with that the la la were big, fat and juicy. Further in the village, there was a shack that served real local food to the local people, in true, no-frills village style. The La La Jian and Si Ham Jian here were pretty good, too.

Old Pier behind some Village Homes, Kuala Selangor

After lunch, there was plenty of time to kill before embarking our journey for the highlight of the trip, so we drove to Sekinchan; fishing village on one side, and paddy fields on the other. I’ve seen beautiful images of that place, and so, I couldn’t wait to be there and immerse myself in the beauty of the paddy fields~! Lo and behold, disappointment hit us in the face, when there was no green paddy fields to be seen.

Lost in Sekinchan

Apparently, they’ve just harvested the crops, and so, it was all brown and all mud, with a few patches of green. Not what I had imagined. So, I would not recommend going there in the month of February or March. Although it was warm, the air was dry and quiet. Not a sound to be heard except for the gentle breeze. It actually felt peaceful, albeit warm with the sun blazing above the head. If the tree would have been bigger, I would lay down a picnic mat and take a nap right there and then, under its shade.

The good side of it was, the fishing village was just on the other side of the road. So, with just a little drive, there was the fishing village, waiting for us. We walked into the village to look for the jetty.

Fishing Village, Sekinchan

It all seemed so quiet at first (well, probably because it was a weekday and during working hours), until we stumbled upon the pier. Would have called this harbour, but..

Anyway, it’s not really a sleepy village, although when we found upon this shed, there was a man taking an afternoon nap right there, on the hammock. He woke up on the first creak on the floorboards. He said the we’re welcome to have a look and take photos, and then he took his leave.

Fishing Village, Sekinchan

Well, after all these adventures, it’s time for some afternoon tea. So, off we went, back to Pasir Penambang, and went into one of the tourist hotspots. Ordered for some salt and pepper calamari. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best I’ve had..

Salt & Pepper Calamari, Kuala Selangor

After some snacks, we then went to Bukit Malawati at around 7pm, just in time to catch the sunset and some cheeky monkeys either posing for photographs or grabbing food from other tourists and locals who brought their tourist friends there. It was a nice place to just have a stroll, with the sun setting down, and the soft breeze blowing the heat away. Sometimes, there were too many monkeys, though. I don’t recommend feeding them, if you’re afraid of monkeys.

Sunset at Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

Monkey Admiring Sunset, Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

A tour guide didn’t seem to be the least surprised to hear that a fellow Malaysian like me, living just 1.5 hrs away had never been there. He asked if we were going to watch the fireflies, to which I replied yes, but do not yet know where exactly it was. He said that it’s at Kg. Kuantan; just further up the road on Jln. Kapar and I’ll see the exit. He said that we have plenty of time before the ticket booth opens at 7.45pm. Ah, that’s perfect timing, I thought. So, we started driving there, and was still early, so I started snapping some photos. One of my favourites:

Fireflies, Kuala Selangor

As the time got nearer to getting onto the boat, I can feel the excitement in me growing. Fireflies! I know I’ve seen one or two when our group got lost in the jungle during a bushwalking session, but I wasn’t too sure as it felt like I was imagining these little blinking lights, plus, my calves were itching from some leeches happily draining some blood off me.

The ride was pleasant, albeit expensive; the boat was chartered for RM40. It was dark and a little bit scary, although the little sampan that we were on was quite big and definitely felt safe and stable. As the boat glides through the river in the darkness quietly, we could hear other excited tourists shrieking in delight, and snapping away their cameras with flashes, which by the way, was a dumb thing to do.

What we saw was utterly indescribable; the berembang trees lined along the river banks looked like magical Christmas trees coming alive, all lit up with little blinking fireflies. It was as though they’re doing some sort of magical dance. I cannot help but wonder why wasn’t I here before this?! I was totally awed by this amazing sight, and would like to stay there forever, gazing at these cute little pretty twinkling things.

Fireflies, Kuala Selangor

Anyway, the boat ride lasts for only 20 mins, and so we’re back on the little pier in no time.

All in all, it had been a day of great fun and memories, although I was totally flat out when I got home. All in all, my verdict for an outing in Kuala Selangor 8.5/10. Would love to discover more about Sekinchan!


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  1. Kuala Selangor
    Nov 17, 2012 @ 21:40:13

    Thanks for your sharing, I have gone there for few times, i love Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan. Feel free to visit Kuala Selangor for more information of Kuala Selangor.


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