When I first stepped onto the Terengganu airport tarmac, I remember thinking why I’ve never been to this part of Malaysia – the airport looks decent and the air seemed okay. I arrived to this state without much expectations – it had never crossed my mind to visit this place, what more living there for a year~!

After a year and a month of adventures, there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t visit Terengganu. Here, I shall list at least 10:

1. a clean beach is always just 5 mins away – perfect for evening jogs, shuteye after work (before dinner), romantic and breezy stroll after dinner.

2. lunch by the sea everyday – if you wish. Picnics on weekends, for sure.

3. less traffic congestion – pretty much always on time (there’s no reason to be late), and a less stressful drive.

4. coastal drive – lots of beautiful beaches to stop by and have a coconut drink with/out keropok. Good for those who love driving and just cruising on the road on weekends.

5. almost non-existent potholes on the roads – for a much smoother drive.

6. friendly people – have you ever just go to the beach and sit at a hut with someone while gazing out into the calming seas and listen to the waves crashing onto the shore? (The hut isn’t yours, as it belongs to one of the villagers in that area).

7. the clouds are beautiful and the air is fresher – I swear that throughout the whole of 1 year that I was there, I didn’t even catch a cold, and I haven’t visited any doctors, so, don’t ask me which clinic is good.

8. a good place for sports – lots of people here cycle, swim, and jog. I’ve done more exercises than I’ve ever had in my life.

9. instead of asking “why did the chicken cross the road?”, you’d ask “why did the cat/cow cross the road?”

10. you could almost park your car anywhere you please.

And, I haven’t gone into the food part yet. Oh, and the islands!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Terengganu!


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